Gil Moshe Gentile
b. 1988 in Los Angeles, CA
Lives and works in Hudson, NY
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Selected Projects:


Pull Apart


Boardshorts Function


Works on paper Some Paintings


New Waste: Picasso Cherry Digital Photography


Works on paper Don’t Panic Haribo Torn Paper Dayjob (diptych) The Light Is Just Now Reaching Earth Assorted Transfers


VHS Camcorder Transfer Blue Drawing (For Hannah) Flytie Showcase Flip-Video Benchtests Brand New New Waste #4


New Waste #3: French Fold Deviants (Batch-Action) M3 Transfer LL Bean (Batch Action) Mirror-shots Brush-pack Some Very Recent Sculpture


Late Summer (Batch Action) Dell Embossed Stop-Out Silkscreen#2 (Red) Geotype Pose Patterns Figure Reference Dog Woodblock


Snaps New Waste #2 5ft of Black Tape


Archived Projects


Artist Statement


Talking Heads Live Dortmund 1980 / Watch the Light, Dude / Freestyle Music dot Com Interviews / QY-10 Demo Song (Hide Away) / Ramones on Phil Spector / Joe Smooth- Promise Land / YMO「MASS」COPY / Secret History of Gainax: 1981-1992 / Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis in Studio / Neptunes in Studio


Tom Trudgeon / Hannah Mandel / Oneironaut / Am Schmidt / Zack Tornaben / Moira Connelly / Lauren Klotzman / Nik Planck / Olivia Peebles / Maggie Wong



2016 "Printed Matter's LA ART BOOK FAIR 2016" — Exhibitor (Los Angeles, CA)
2015 "Printed Matter's LA ART BOOK FAIR 2015" — Exhibitor (Los Angeles, CA)
2014 "I Just Finished Eating A Hamburger" Curated by Amanda Schmidt — McDonald’s 262 Canal Street (New York, NY)
2014"INAUGURAL" 321 Gallery (Brooklyn, NY)
2013"Marble Town" Curated by Abby Llyod, Hotel Art @ Grand Prix (NYC) & Silent Barn (BK, NY)
2013"It's Casual" Curated by Josh Logan & Tom Trudgeon — Sabina Lee Gallery (Los Angeles, CA)
2013"Hollister @ Fitness (Untitled)" Curated by Amanda Schmidt — Fitness (Brooklyn, NY)
2013"Brain Melt" — Gathering Of Tribes (NYC)
2012"C.A.T.S Calling" — Port D'Or (Brooklyn, NY)
2011"MOCCA Arts Fest 2010" Exhibitor (NYC)
2010"Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival" — Exhibitor (Brooklyn, NY)


2016 "New Waste: Picasso Cherry" — New Waste (Brooklyn, NY)
2014 "Showcase" — New Waste (Brooklyn, NY)
2014 "Brand New" — Collaboration w/ Blackberrys Press (Brooklyn, NY)
2014 "Assorted Drawing" — New Waste (Brooklyn, NY)
2013 "Middleman Brokers" — New Waste (Brooklyn, NY)
2013 "AD Book" (Contributing Artist) — BFFA3AE / Badlands Unlimited (NYC)
2013 "LL Bean (Batch Action) — New Waste (Brooklyn, NY)
2013 "Thrasher (Batch Action)" — New Waste (Brooklyn, NY)
2013 "Deviants (Batch Action)" — New Waste (Brooklyn, NY)
2012 "New Waste #3 (French Fold)" — New Waste (Brooklyn, NY)
2012 "Late Summer (Batch Action)" — New Waste (Brooklyn, NY)
2012 "Dell Embosed (Batch Action)" — New Waste (Brooklyn, NY)
2012 "Stop-Out Pamphlet (Batch Action)" — New Waste (Brooklyn, NY)
2012 "Any World (Batch-Action)" — New Waste (Brooklyn, NY)
2012 "Bad As I Want to Be: Ch.10" — New Waste (Brooklyn, NY)
2011 "5ft of Black Tape" — New Waste (Brooklyn, NY)
2011 "Photo-Grids (Batch Action)" — New Waste (Brooklyn, NY)
2011 "New Waste #2" — New Waste (Brooklyn, NY)
2011 "New Waste #1" — New Waste (Brooklyn, NY)
2011 "G/B/B #2" — (Contributing Artist) (Mexico)
2011 "Catch-Up #1" — (Contributing Artist) (Austin, TX)
2009 "Smoke Signal Issue #1" — Desert Island (Brooklyn, NY)
2009 "S/B/T/B" — New Waste (Brooklyn, NY)


2010 Bachelor of Arts, Liberal Arts — Sarah Lawrence College (Bronxville, NY)