Gil Moshe Gentile
b. 1988 in Los Angeles, CA
Lives and works in Hudson, NY
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Selected Projects:


New Waste: Picasso Cherry


Works on paper Don’t Panic Haribo Torn Paper Dayjob (diptych) The Light Is Just Now Reaching Earth


VHS Camcorder Transfer Blue Drawing (For Hannah) Flytie Showcase Flip-Video Benchtests Brand New New Waste #4


New Waste #3: French Fold Deviants (Batch-Action) M3 Transfer LL Bean (Batch Action) Mirror-shots Brush-pack


Late Summer (Batch Action) Dell Embossed Stop-Out Silkscreen#2 (Red) Geotype Pose Patterns Figure Reference Dog Woodblock


Snaps New Waste #2 5ft of Black Tape


New Waste #1 Motion Tracking Study: Sketchers Motion Tracking Study: Arizona Ice Tea


Watch the Light, Dude / Freestyle Music dot Com Interviews / QY-10 Demo Song (Hide Away) / Ramones on Phil Spector / Joe Smooth- Promise Land / YMO「MASS」COPY / Secret History of Gainax: 1981-1992 / Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis in Studio / / Neptunes in Studio


Basic Editions / Tom Trudgeon / Hannah Mandel / Am Schmidt / Tom Forkin / Moira Connelly / Lauren Klotzman / Nik Planck / Elliot Kaufman / Bennett Williamson / Rachel Malin / Zack Tornaben / Olivia Peebles / Maggie Wong



2016 "Printed Matter's LA ART BOOK FAIR 2016" — Exhibitor (Los Angeles, CA)
2015 "Printed Matter's LA ART BOOK FAIR 2015" — Exhibitor (Los Angeles, CA)
2014 "I Just Finished Eating A Hamburger" Curated by Amanda Schmidt — McDonald’s 262 Canal Street (New York, NY)
2014"INAUGURAL" 321 Gallery (Brooklyn, NY)
2013"Marble Town" Curated by Abby Llyod, Hotel Art @ Grand Prix (NYC) & Silent Barn (BK, NY)
2013"It's Casual" Curated by Josh Logan & Tom Trudgeon — Sabina Lee Gallery (Los Angeles, CA)
2013"Hollister @ Fitness (Untitled)" Curated by Amanda Schmidt — Fitness (Brooklyn, NY)
2013"Brain Melt" — Gathering Of Tribes (NYC)
2012"C.A.T.S Calling" — Port D'Or (Brooklyn, NY)
2011"MOCCA Arts Fest 2010" Exhibitor (NYC)
2010"Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival" — Exhibitor (Brooklyn, NY)


2016 "New Waste: Picasso Cherry" — New Waste (Brooklyn, NY)
2014 "Showcase" — New Waste (Brooklyn, NY)
2014 "Brand New" — Collaboration w/ Blackberrys Press (Brooklyn, NY)
2014 "Assorted Drawing" — New Waste (Brooklyn, NY)
2013 "Middleman Brokers" — New Waste (Brooklyn, NY)
2013 "AD Book" (Contributing Artist) — BFFA3AE / Badlands Unlimited (NYC)
2013 "LL Bean (Batch Action) — New Waste (Brooklyn, NY)
2013 "Thrasher (Batch Action)" — New Waste (Brooklyn, NY)
2013 "Deviants (Batch Action)" — New Waste (Brooklyn, NY)
2012 "New Waste #3 (French Fold)" — New Waste (Brooklyn, NY)
2012 "Late Summer (Batch Action)" — New Waste (Brooklyn, NY)
2012 "Dell Embosed (Batch Action)" — New Waste (Brooklyn, NY)
2012 "Stop-Out Pamphlet (Batch Action)" — New Waste (Brooklyn, NY)
2012 "Any World (Batch-Action)" — New Waste (Brooklyn, NY)
2012 "Bad As I Want to Be: Ch.10" — New Waste (Brooklyn, NY)
2011 "5ft of Black Tape" — New Waste (Brooklyn, NY)
2011 "Photo-Grids (Batch Action)" — New Waste (Brooklyn, NY)
2011 "New Waste #2" — New Waste (Brooklyn, NY)
2011 "New Waste #1" — New Waste (Brooklyn, NY)
2011 "G/B/B #2" — (Contributing Artist) (Mexico)
2011 "Catch-Up #1" — (Contributing Artist) (Austin, TX)
2009 "Smoke Signal Issue #1" — Desert Island (Brooklyn, NY)
2009 "S/B/T/B" — New Waste (Brooklyn, NY)


2010 Bachelor of Arts, Liberal Arts — Sarah Lawrence College (Bronxville, NY)